Renee C. Romano  Oberlin College

Robert S. Danforth Professor of History, Comparative American Studies and Africana Studies

"Racial Reckoning is a timely and striking commentary on the legacy of the Civil Rights movement. ...[T[his work is essential reading for those interested in better understanding how Alabama and other southern states have begun to address the legacy of the struggle for civil rights, and it is a much-needed contribution to the ongoing national conversation on race, justice, and the pervasiveness of inequality."—Matthew Downs, Alabama Review

"Throughout her cogent and extremely readable history of interracial love and marriage since 1940.... Romano

 consistently avoids straightforward liberal triumphalism and remains admirably tentative about drawing sweeping conclusions from her data… Astute and well-judged, Race Mixing is a welcome addition to the study of interracial love in American history, which both offers new information and a new approach."—African American Review

"Doing Recent History lives up to the promise of its sprawling, ebullient subtitle. Claire Bond Potter and Renee C. Romano have gathered intelligent, deeply researched, and well-written essays; organized them into engaging thematic groups; and capped them with an outstanding introduction."—​Journal of American History

"Romano and Raiford have compiled a volume that deserves a wide readership by historians and especially the public. It is a timely volume, with original, interdisciplinary research. . . . —​H-South


Renee Romano talks about current controversies over memorials and monuments commemorating the Confederacy and other histories associated with slavery ​ on the NPR show, The Takeaway. Hear the interview here: 

"America's Complicated Past Stirs Battle Over Monuments, Memorials"